Is Candytopia Worth the Trip?

Hi, y’all,

I’ll get right to it. A month or so ago, I saw this magical wonderland being advertised on Facebook. Those Facebook ads get me every. single. time. I thought it looked like so much fun and was dying to go. 

This week, a friend and I got together for a few glasses of wine and – you guessed it – a trip Candytopia. Here’s my no holds barred review. Is it worth the trip? In short, I am going to say NO. Keep reading to find out why.

Here are the deets:

I will say that I enjoyed the theatrics of it all. Candytopia has a tour guide of sorts in the beginning, who theatrically explains the experience (cue British accent). The Candytopia staff all wear jumpsuits (think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).

Situated in the heart of Atlanta, near the ritzy Phipps Plaza, I expected this experience to be a tiny bit more upscale. I will say, it was the end of the day, but overall I thought it could’ve been cleaner and more polished. The candy portraits, although visually interesting, needed a good dusting and, to me, they looked like they are not well maintained.

This could possibly be an activity that is better suited for children. Honestly, I think even they might get a little bored. There is one area in particular that throws confetti in the air and is a great opportunity for a photo. I loved that!

My main complaint is that Candytopia advertises that it will take about an hour to tour. My friend and I completed the experience in approximately 20 minutes. The Candytopia site refers to it as a “sprawling sanctuary of confectionery bliss”. In my opinion, this is most definitely a reach.

Candytopia does provide candy, periodically, for you to enjoy. You can buy candy at the grocery store, so for me this is not a major selling point.

At around $35 a ticket, it wasn’t a huge waste. However, if you are on the fence about Candytopia, I can think of a ton of other awesome Atlanta activities. Skip Candytopia and head to the spa. Ok, maybe not the spa …

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