Six Things Brides Need to Know about Wedding Photography


So, I have had the wonderful opportunity, for almost two years now to shoot with the amazing and talented Kelley Raye! Kelley specializes in wedding photography and is also a girl boss branding photographer. She has taken so many photos for and of me and is really such a vital party of my business. Kelley shot all of my photos for the Scarlett Collection (my themed collection of party kits). Don’t worry more sneak peaks on the next theme this coming week :).

Kelley has been a full-time photographer since Oct 2013. She did her first wedding in May or June of 2013 and has been bossing it since then. Kelley has always loved documenting things for herself, and always wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Honestly, Kelley just gets me which is evident through her work. Kelley is a cheerleader for other female entrepreneurs and that’s how we originally connected, through one of her amazing girlboss branding sessions.

“I honestly wish every girl with a dream would just quit her 9

to 5 and pursue what she dreams about most.” -Kelley Raye


I sat down to chat with Kelley and wanted to get the scoop from a photographer’s perspective for brides and grooms regarding their wedding day. Here is what she told me:

  1. Stick to what you’re most comfortable with. In terms of photography style or vision for your wedding day don’t try to fit into someone else’s box or think you have to do things in a certain way. Some things just adds extra stress. Plan things around what you actually like not what you think you’re supposed to like.
  2. Key things to remember when shopping for/booking your photographer.
    • Have a skype consultation with your potential photographer to make sure you match in terms of personalities.
    • The photographer is shopping you and you are shopping the photographer.
    • Try to hire 9-12 months out and be prepared to do a 50% deposit.
    • Make sure the photographer is involved in the scheduling process- your photographer sees weddings every weekend. You are just getting married once.
    • Always book an engagement session to learn how photographer works and also get comfortable in front of the camera. Your photographer can also learn you and your groom.
    • Don’t book your photographer for over 12 hours. They are on their feet the entire day.
    • Always feed your photographer! It’s usually a long day!
    • Encourage your photographer to go when the first table is called during the reception. The reason being that you will not want photos of your guests eating and it also make sure they’ve eaten and are ready to take reception photos after guests have finished eating.
    • Give your wedding photographer a written list of family portraits that you would like in advance so you can get through them quickly. Make sure to include their names and email it to your photographer at least three weeks prior to the wedding.
  3. Get your vendors as soon as possible. Particularly those that will give you the quality you want. Don’t expect the best of the best to be available last minute.  If it’s important go ahead and try to knock it out early.
  4. It’s totally Ok to look for photographers outside of your town.
  5. You don’t have to have the reception for a long period of time (5 or 6 hours.) Four hours is plenty! Most guests leave by 9 or 10.
  6. Ok, confession Kelley Raye didn’t say this but I am 100% certain she would agree. Hire a professional planner. I have heard photographers in the past, not Kelley, complain that they often become the planner. Oftentimes, brides think they can handle the planning but so many times there are many details that you don’t think of that a professional planner will not miss.

It was such a pleasure chatting with Kelley!

P.S. Kelley took this AMAZING photo, so basically we can conclude that by association I am indeed a princess lol


Also, Kelley Raye was a squirrel in a past life.

Thanks for reading y’all! Make sure you  #partywithscarlett.


Morgan K.


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Copyright 2018 Scarlett Events. All Rights Reserved