2019 Personal Goals

Morgan Kelley of Scarlett Events eating donuts in front of light colored wood plank wall

Hi, y’all!

Morgan Kelley of Scarlett Events eating donuts in front of light colored wood plank wall

I’ve realized it is so important to set personal goals for 2019. 2019 is off to a fast paced start and I must admit that I have so much on my plate that it is tough to keep up. I did not make any New Year’s resolutions this year. Rather, I have made goals and assigned myself actionable timelines to complete them. I would love to share a few of my goals with you! Check them out below!

2019 Personal Goals

  1. Join a workout class that will make exercise enjoyable. I think I get tired of the monotony of simply going to the gym. I am excited to try kickboxing.
  2. Increase water intake. Plain and simple!
  3. Do things that will give me more time to focus on doing the things I love. What this means is getting my home cleaned bi-weekly or ordering my groceries online instead of physically going to the grocery store.
  4. Travel! I’ve always loved to travel and this year I want to take more time to take a solo trip or two. I’m thinking I will start small.
  5. Take time for myself! This means more spa trips, fun books ( I typically read a lot about entrepreneurship) , and fun things that I love.
  6. Optimal organization of my home! This means complete and utter organization of every space.

Wheww! It was pretty hard to make this list without including business goals. What are some of your personal goals for 2019? Drop them in the comments below.


Morgan K.

Morgan K. is the owner of Scarlett Events and the creator of the Scarlett Collection. With a passion for unique themes and attention to quality details, Morgan brings style and joy back to party planning, being the partner busy women everywhere need! The Scarlett Collection provides everything you need to become the greatest hostess your friends and family have ever seen. 

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