It’s more than an event. It’s a milestone in your life. It’s a moment you’ll never forget, that you won’t want any of your guests, the people that you love, respect, and admire most, to forget. I understand and I’m as passionate and committed to making sure you create events that represent you, your life, and your hopes for the future as you are.

Get back to the things that matter to you: the people you care about, the memories you’ll always cherish, the goals you want to accomplish. Scarlett Events will handle all the details, create a seamless, unforgettable experience, and make you feel like a guest at your own event. (Feel free to take all the props-we don’t mind!)

What's The Special Occasion?

Partial Experience:

You’ve done all the planning, booked the restaurant or the venue, gathered all your favorite people together. Let Morgan make sure everything runs smoothly while you enjoy your engagement or your wedding.

Complete Experience:

Engagement. Wedding. Baby Shower. Anniversary. Best friend’s fortieth birthday. They come with to-do lists and a mountain of details. Scarlett Events will handle them all from beginning to end and give you the time to make memories at events that are just like you: elegant and unforgettable.


Love is forever. Love is timeless. Love is unique. Hard to describe and even more impossible to show. Unless you’re working with me that is! Let me help you plan an engagement and wedding that are as unique as your love


Partial Experience Investment starting at $475

Full Experience Investment starting at $675


Partial Experience Investment starting at $1700

Full Experience Investment starting at $3000


Every moment is a milestone and every milestone should be celebrated in a way that you and your guests will never forget.

You don’t need to stress about celebrating the birthday, anniversary, baby shower, or bridal shower (to name a few) of the ones you love most.

Full Experience Investment starting at $1400


Team building, celebrating goals and accomplishments-these things shouldn’t be stressful. You have enough on your plate! A business to run! Focus on your bottom line and I’ll focus on your next big day.

Perfect for Company Parties, Charity Events, Team Gatherings, Conferences, Conventions, Galas, and Special Events

Full Experience Investment starting at $1400

We Believe...

The hardest decision you should have to make for your next big event is which bottle of champagne to open first. Let Scarlett Events take away the hard work and the stress of your next event and leave you to do the only important thing: celebrate.

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