A DRY x Sans Bar Experience

Morgan Kelley of Scarlett Events, Chris Marshall of Sans Bar

I’ve been wanting to share this sweet experiential event with you, and today is the day! Our amazing clients DRY, and Sans Bar, wanted us to plan a night of authentic connection, zero-proof drinks, and music! Hey, these are the kinds of events we live for!

We went above and beyond with the perfect mood set by our event space, Condesa Coffee, and the best people, to boot! Keep scrolling to be inspired. You might even be calling on your friends to go DRY with you, when they see what these zero-proof drinks look like!

Photos by Kelley Raye

Jordan Danielle Harris, guitar, microphone, Condesa Coffee
non-alcoholic cocktails in a row, lime wedges
DRY sparkling soda, ginger flavored sparkling soda, ArKay alcohol free tequila
DRY x Sans Bar experience, Atlanta, Condesa Coffee scene, people enjoying conversation
three women talking at Condesa Coffee, Atlanta, woman with curly pink hair, mocktail, non-alcoholic beer, light blue iPhone, leather jacket
blue balloon installation, smiling woman, Condesa Coffee, Atlanta, Sans Bar + DRY experience balloon
Sans Bar founder Chris Marshall
Morgan Kelley of Scarlett Events, Chris Marshall of Sans Bar
man and woman conversating, Condesa Coffee, Atlanta, peek-a-boo shoulder blouse, curly hair, glasses, watch, dark colored vest, red button-down shirt

Now, who’s ready to go DRY?! We might just be!



Copyright 2019 Scarlett Events. All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2018 Scarlett Events. All Rights Reserved