A Cooking Class at Sur La Table: The Perfect Date Night

Hi, y’all!

Remember that date night blog post from a few weeks ago? Well, I promised I would share more details about my experience at Sur La Table, participating in one of their cooking classes. This was almost exactly a year ago and I had the MOST fun — so much fun that now it’s our end-of-the-year tradition! By the way, have I mentioned how I am OBSESSED with end-of-the-year traditions?! So far I have new Christmas PJs (my mom started this one), the cooking class, a special NYE dinner at the same restaurant, and a hot cocoa ritual.

Now, back to the class. It was simply phenomenal. Now remember, I mentioned this cooking class was a holiday tradition, so that being said, at this point I was eating meat. This menu was awesome and featured a delicious and perfectly prepared (if I might say so myself) filet mignon, in addition to a delightful arugula salad and a decadent creme brûlée topped with a pistachio brittle.

I’m super excited for the menu for our next class, although I won’t be eating the meat this go-’round. Of course I will definitely share the experience as I can’t wait. Check out the photos below!

filet mignon, arugula salad, and wine


creme brulee topped with pistachio brittle


arugula salad prep


Morgan Kelley at Sur La Table


pouring wine at Sur La Table


Morgan Kelley at Sur La Table


searing filet mignon at Sur La Table


Morgan Kelley at Sur La Table cooking class

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? I think I am going to add watching “The Grinch” into the rotation!



Morgan K.

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Copyright 2018 Scarlett Events. All Rights Reserved