Red Lipstick – A Girl’s Best Friend

Morgan Kelley wearing red lipstick, sampling dessert at St Cecilia Atlanta with champagne flute in foreground

Hey y’all! I wanted to share a few of my fave items with you. Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what you love, too!

10 of My Favorite Things

  1. Ruby Woo – Well of coursssse this red lipstick is one of my favorite things. Duh! I am certainly a fan of red (read: “Scarlett”). This Retro Matte Lipstick, by MAC, is my signature. I wear it to each and every event. I’m sad when one of my outfits doesn’t go with a red lip. It’s classic … timeless.
  2. Duvet – I adore home decor. I purchased this amazing duvet from West Elm and I am literally obsessed! Don’t you love it when you find something you could rave about forever?! I was having trouble deciding between the pink and the blue, but West Elm sold out of the blue so the decision was made for me! (Shop a similar duvet, here.)
  3. Yeti Travel Mug – Omg, this is the most amazing invention ever. My YETI mug keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks super cold for hours on end.
  4. Roses – I’m pretty much bewitched by all flowers but I can’t even pretend that roses aren’t my favorite. Here we go again with my red obsession. Oddly, I only have one piece of red clothing. Just one! A tuxedo dress. Random, I know!
  5. St Cecilia – I wont even start rambling about this restaurant. Click here to read my blog post all about it. I’m in LOVE. I always wear red lipstick for date night to St Cecilia. Again, I simply can’t live without it.
  6. Travel – Ok, now I’m reaching a bit because travel definitely isn’t a tangible thing. But how could I not include it?! Some of my fave places are Miami, Vegas (blog post coming soon!), Chicago, D.C., and London.
  7. Perfume – I am obsessssed with this incredible fragrance, Passion de l’Amour. It smells heavenly. Enough said.
  8. Candles – I love love love all candles. In particular, candles by diptyque Paris are to die for. diptyque makes the most luxurious scents anddd it’s pretty wonderful that you only have to burn one of their candles until you get an initial layer of oil (about 5-10 minutes). Then blow it out and relish in that scent!
  9. Tile, and Big O KeyRings Both of these items help you find your lost keys. The Big O was one of Oprah’s fave things, too. Clearly I need help finding my keys, and often.
  10. My Mom – Totally not a “thing”, but what would I do with out her?


What are some of your most favorite things? I’m dying to know!


Morgan K.

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Copyright 2018 Scarlett Events. All Rights Reserved