How to Celebrate a Birthday Virtually

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So, you have a birthday coming up. Awesome! Happy Birthday to you or your important person! Unfortunately, the special day falls during a time when most of the country is self-isolating or under stay-at-home orders. Bummer. For good citizens, this means that an in-person party isn’t possible.

Let’s get creative, y’all!

Although the video conferencing platform Zoom has its issues, they’ve upped their security game and there are ways to make a Zoom birthday party fun. Remember: even though current circumstances aren’t ideal, it’s a birthday! Celebrate! Here are a few tips for your celebration:

  1. If you go with a Zoom party, have a plan. If your children have been using Zoom for school, you know that a Zoom call can turn into people talking over each other constantly until time is up. Designate each caller a time to talk and gently stick to it. Alternatively, you can just let your invitees participate in something extra special, like singing “Happy Birthday” and watching the birthday boy or girl blow out their candles.
  2. Watch a movie together virtually and host a watch party on Facebook or Twitter. If you use Twitter, be sure to come up with unique hashtag, so everyone watching can follow along together.
  3. Encourage “Happy Birthday” phone calls. Since we aren’t getting together in person right now, a phone call means so much more than a text alone. May I even suggest a sweet “Happy Birthday to You” serenade?
  4. If you’re an adult (or adult-ish) with amazing roommates, have a sleepover! Since your roommates already live with you, is it really a sleepover? Eh, that’s a technicality. You can still sleep in one room, build a fort, and watch Scream.
  5. Honk. Kids around the country have been disappointed that their birthday parties are getting cancelled. Thankfully, moms are the best, and they’re safely bringing together friends and neighbors to drive by, honk, cheer, and create suburban mayhem with signs and streamers and music. So cute. Make sure you’re following local regulations regarding the novel coronavirus if you want to organize a birthday caravan.
  6. Ask for snail mail. You know you’re always scrolling through Facebook getting annoyed, so use the platform for good. Yes, you’ll be drawing attention to yourself but a lot of people really need social interaction right now and there’s nothing wrong with this. Ask friends and family to send your important person (or even you) a card in the mail. It’s a birthday, after all!
  7. Support local businesses. Restaurants almost everywhere are closed to in-person dining but most are still open for delivery or takeout. You could also use this time to give your favorite local doughnut shop or cottage bakery some business! Treat yourself or your special someone. Just be sure to practice safe social distancing practices, and if you order fare for delivery, tip your delivery person extremely well!

Of course, no party is complete without decorations. If you don’t have access to a party supply store, you can still party in style. In fact, Scarlett Collection is here for just such a time as this.

Birthdays deserve to be celebrated. No matter what’s going on in the world, it’s important to find joy when and where we can!

Copyright 2019 Scarlett Events. All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2018 Scarlett Events. All Rights Reserved