Chocolate Chip Cookies, Anyone?

chocolate chip cookie sheet

Hi Ya’ll

Ok, ok, ok yes I am still on eating healthy and exercising. But who doesn’t love a delicious and freshly baked chocolate chip cookie every now and then? I know I definitely do.

I recently discovered this awesome recipe and it has me wondering why I can’t bake cookies every single day. There’s just something about cookies right out of the oven, a cup of piping hot coffee, and an amazing book.

l out my favorite recipe here. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

I love my chocolate chip cookies just a tiny smidge crisp around the edges. How do you like yours? A glass of milk to accompany? I prefer some sort of hot drink like tea or coffee.

Until next week my friends! Hey, life is short. Sometimes you have to stop and enjoy a cookie, 


                                                                                            Morgan K. 

Morgan K. is the owner of Scarlett Events and the creator of the Scarlett Collection. With a passion for unique themes and attention to quality details, Morgan brings style and joy back to party planning, being the partner busy women everywhere need! The Scarlett Collection provides everything you need to become the greatest hostess your friends and family have ever seen.





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Copyright 2018 Scarlett Events. All Rights Reserved