How Transitioning to Being a Vegetarian Helped me Lose Weight

So, recently I transitioned to the vegetarian lifestyle. I have no idea why I used the word transition because it is not something you can really transition into. You pretty much just have to leap into it cold turkey. It has been about three months now, and I can’t see myself turning back. The only thing I currently miss is seafood. I LOVE seafood, lobster, shrimp, crab cakes, lobster bisque, any type of seafood you can think of.

I decided to become vegetarian to help with my weight loss efforts. Let me tell you, it has been extremely helpful. I have lost 30 lbs in about three months. Don’t get me wrong here that is not the only factor that I can attribute to my success. I also exercise vigilantly and I have completely eliminated processed foods, carbs, and sugar.  You’ve got it, a complete life style change. Losing weight is tough and my weight loss journey has been a LONG one. I started out years ago and in total have lost about 100 lbs. This latest push is to reach my FINAL goal weight. Here are a few tips to help if you are getting started on your vegetarian journey plus a few weight loss tips as well!

Vegetarian Tips

  1. Get creative –if you are going to make this “transition” get creative! Salad every night gets boring really fast. A favorite recipe of mine is cauliflower pizza. My best friend raves about BBQ jackfruit which is next up on my list to try. I am definitely going to start a Pinterest board with vegetarian recipes following this post. Here is the link to my Pinterest for now with lots of party boards of course!
  2. Don’t get carb crazy to replace the meat– this is something that might happen before you even realize it! Just something to be mindful of.
  3. Follow vegetarian blogs or Fb groups for support or link up with a fellow vegetarian.My mom has been vegetarian for years which is something I found to be super helpful. I’m happy to be your fellow vegetarian buddy too!
  4. Have go-to recipes that you can make in a pinch that you know and LOVE!Or even something super quick you can grab. I know this is going to sound odd but I love the veggie lettuce wraps from Jimmy John’s. Don’t judge me! lol

Weight Loss Tips

  1. Vacation or big event –Of course I know this one isn’t always possible, but this has helped me stay focused SO MUCH. I’m hosting a huge launch party for my company in August and this has really motivated me to keep pushing and stay focused on getting the weight off.
  2. Goal clothes –I love to buy a new swim suit or a dress to work towards getting into.  Consequently, You will feel SO great once you have gotten into it.
  3. Get the work out over with! All in all, the longer I wait to work out the less likely it is that I will actually get it done. Choose a particular time to exercise and try and go at that time every time you exercise.
  4. Ok, listen I know this is going to be a tough one. This is just what I do and people tend to disagree with me BUT, drum roll please,NO CHEAT DAYS! Ultimately, sometimes we can’t bounce back from cheat days or it takes a little longer than anticipated and we have done more damage than good. Now, if you are a person that can totally handle it (not me) then carry on! But that is not me so I just really avoid them completely.
  5. If you go to a restaurant decide what you’re going to have BEFORE you get there.Check out the pics of my fav take out meal from Houston’s. A delicious Kale salad and a veggie burger. The kale salad comes with this delightful roasted peanut vinaigrette and fresh herbs (seriously the vinaigrette is to die for) and the veggie burger is made in house, a signature recipe with a sweet soy glaze and melted Monterey jack. I’m OBSESSED!



If you’re thinking about becoming vegetarian what are your questions about the lifestyle change? If you’re already vegetarian what’s your favorite go to recipe? I’d love to hear from you!


Morgan K.

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Copyright 2018 Scarlett Events. All Rights Reserved