My Top Five Favorite Holiday Tablescapes

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It’s really and truly fall and I cannot believe it. Can you?! One thing I absolutely adore about the fall is all of the holidays. With holidays come tablescapes. My mom is huuuuuuuge on holiday decor so this is something that over the years has come rather naturally to me. I can’t wait to share my personal Thanksgiving tablescape in a few weeks.

By definition, a tablescape is an artistic arrangement of articles on a table. This seems so official; it is, in fact, SO much more. Tablescapes can include a variety of items and can be informal or super formal. Here’s what I typically include on mine (I love to be a bit fancy).

I love different and unique ideas and color combinations, which you will see below. I’m not a huge fan of orange so that’s definitely something that will be missing from my Halloween and Thanksgiving decor. I love deep, rich color combinations. Stay tuned for a post about a Halloween party currently in the works — think vampires! Check out my inspo, here.

What to Include on Your Table

    1. Lovely linen
    2. A fabulous runner
    3. An eye-catching centerpiece (florals, or a mix of pumpkins and gourds for Thanksgiving)
    4. Candles (not a must-have but I love candles)
    5. Place mats (not mandatory)
    6. Place setting (stay tuned for a post about the proper place setting)

Additional Enhancements

      1. Place cards
      2. A menu at each place setting

My Top 5 Favorite Holiday Tablescapes

Below are tablescapes for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. (There were too many to choose from. Check out this post on 20 awesome tablescapes). I was unable to find tablescapes that I absolutely loved for Hanukkah and NYE so it looks like I will have to get to work creating my own. One of these tablescapes featured below is my very own creation — can you guess which one?


spooky chic Halloween tablescape featuring black wine glasses


modern farmhouse industrial Thanksgiving table with greenery and candles

white and metallic Thanksgiving tablescape with white pumpkin centerpiece


jewel toned Christmas or holiday table centerpiece, featuring pink and aqua ornaments

formal glam Christmas tablescape feauturing traditional greenery and red and white florals


What’s your favorite holiday? What is your favorite thing about the holidays? Drop a note in the comments and let me know.

Until next time, ladies … and gents!



Morgan K.


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Copyright 2018 Scarlett Events. All Rights Reserved