“Party in a Box”: Check Out the Most FAQs for the Scarlett Collection

bee themed 1st birthday display with little girl

I can’t believe it’s 2019! I know this is going to be an AMAZING year. The party in a box themes are coming back (ok, ok, they really never left) and will be better than ever. Additionally, we have decided to split Scarlett Events from the Scarlett Collection. Although this is a HUGE change it is also a very necessary one.

Sooo … I thought I would answer a few questions about the Scarlett Collection.  

FAQ – Let’s get this party started! 

Who is the Scarlett Collection Party in a Box created for?

If you love someone, and want to celebrate them – if you are a busy, on-the-go woman who doesn’t have time to visit 5 stores to gather party supplies – if you love stylish, on-trend designs that are Insta-worthy and will WOW your guests – you’re our client. Welcome! Here’s some champagne! *clink*

Can you tell me where you get your products?

We source everything directly from manufacturers and boutique stores, which is why our boxes and celebrations are so unique! Forget tired decor and over-used patterns, we develop themes and launch them with carefully selected high quality products to match our clients’ high expectations!

I’m an influencer and would like to partner with you. How do I do this?

We are currently accepting and reviewing affiliate applications for Spring 2019. Please apply by emailing info@scarlett.events

Does my child’s name appear anywhere in the box?

Absolutely! Every Party in a Box comes with a custom banner to hang (and keep forever) made out of high quality vinyl with your child’s name on it. I wanted to create keepsakes and decor, so we do both! It’s part of what makes Party in a Box next-level in the party market.

Why don’t you have generic super hero or cartoon themes?

These boxes are created for the moms, aunts, friends and loved ones that want to give a party that’s unlike every other birthday or shower out there. They are tired of party stores themes, tacky and cheap quality items, and overpriced junk. I made these boxes custom themed because hosts deserve to be proud of their parties and to WOW their guests without too much effort.

Are you ready to Party with Scarlett?

Where do you ship?

Currently, we ship to Atlanta and the surrounding areas. However, we definitely have plans to expand in 2019!

Can I customize cakes, linens, and balloon décor?

You can choose from a selection of three cake flavors! The design for the cakes, selected linens, and balloon décor have been pre-determined and we don’t currently offer any other customization for these services. However, we have worked diligently to curate a selection of items we know you will love!

What’s your favorite party box?

I love them all but I am head over heels in love with the Honey Bee theme!

How easy is it to set the party up?

So easy! It’s so easy that your annoying kid brother could even handle the set-up.

Why did you create the Scarlett Collection?

My goal was to provide a super easy solution to help busy and fabulous moms become the greatest hostess their friends and family had ever seen, with the click of a button! Specifically, I wanted to help alleviate the stress of party planning.

What’s your favorite thing to splurge on?

Fresh flowers. There’s nothing like having beautiful florals in your home, and the simple joy that adds color, style, scent and reminds you of the beauty in the world. Seriously, I can’t say enough about my love for flowers. Lastly, check out a few of these flower subscription services. 

We can’t wait for you to #partywithscarlett. 2019 is going to be one heck of a year! Did I miss any questions you may have? Let me know! Drop them in the comments.


Morgan K. 

Morgan K. is the owner of Scarlett Events and the creator of the Scarlett Collection. With a passion for unique themes and attention to quality details, Morgan brings style and joy back to party planning, being the partner busy women everywhere need! The Scarlett Collection provides everything you need to become the greatest hostess your friends and family have ever seen.

Copyright 2019 Scarlett Events. All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2018 Scarlett Events. All Rights Reserved