Perfect Food for Your Honey Bee Party

honey bee party charcuterie spread

Welcome to our month of bee-themed posts. Did you know June is National Pollinator Month?

The purpose of these posts is not only to motivate you to Pin them (which, of course, I’d love), but to encourage you to host your own bee themed party!

Today, I’m sharing bee themed and bee friendly party foods and beverages. Some, I created or used for honey bee parties I planned. You’d be surprised how often party planners use Pinterest, too! You can create an entire menu of beverages, appetizers, entrees, and desserts, inspired by images found on Pinterest. Yep, it’s true!

Try searching for honey bee themed party foods or beverages. You might also search for bee or hive-shaped fare.

I am always delighted with the results of my honey bee parties, and I think you will be, too.

Honey Bee Party Food & Beverages

Delicious Dessert

Honey Cupcakes

I love bee themed decorative desserts. Guests can eat cupcakes during a party or take cupcakes home as party favors. These Honey Cupcakes with Honey Cream Cheese Frosting, from A Taste of Madness, are beautiful and absolutely delicious. You can even frost and decorate them to resemble bee hives. Arrange your cupcakes on white ceramic cupcake stands on your dessert table.

Buzz-y Beverage

Lavender & Honey Sparkling Lemonade

Lavender & Honey Sparkling Lemonade from Kelley and Cricket is tasty, unique, and refreshing. The infusion is aromatic and smells absolutely wonderful. Fresh lavender can come straight from your garden. To make the beverage for adults, simply add vodka. Serve in a pretty dispenser, with mason jars and black-and-white straws nearby.

Sweet & Savory Appetizers

Charcuterie Fit for a Queen (Bee)

Sweet and savory bee themed party food will complement your beverages and be available for guests throughout your event. Consider an appetizer buffet featuring charcuterie. Y’all know charcuterie is one of my favorite things! Here’s a few recipes to get you started!

orange pepper jelly and baguette
charcuterie table at honey bee party
charcuterie table at hunny bee party for one year old
honeycomb cereal sprinkled on snack table

I hope you’ll continue to follow along for more honey bee themed party details.

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