Is Santa’s Fantastical Worth the Trip?

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Santa’s Fantastical recently and it was an absolute dream! For those of you that don’t reside in Atlanta, please let me explain. Santa’s fantastical is an interactive and immersive adventure that has the holiday spirit interwoven throughout.

Santa’s Fantastical is whimsical, delightful, and beautiful. There were awesome musical performances and light shows – it was pure magic! 

My friend, and fellow blogger and entrepreneur, joined me and we had a blast!

Here are the deets …

  1. You should book ahead online. However, fear not! If you forget or simply didn’t know that, we did not book ahead and were asked to do so via our phones when we got there. 
  2. The cost is about $40 per person for adults, including fees and taxes. Additionally, for children, the cost is about $33 per person (including fees and taxes).
  3. There is a cute date night option. The date night tickets come with two complimentary hot cocoas as well as another surprise gift. 
  4. Santa’s Fantastical closes for the season on December 24th. I’m sure the last weekend was super busy. But don’t worry, it will be back next year. This blog post will tell you everything you need to know jusssst in case you missed it this year. 
  5. The website says that it’s a 2-hour experience. Generally speaking, I think, depending on the crowd, an hour is the perfect amount of time to allot. 
  6. Above all, Santa’s there!, and you can arrange to see him free of charge. 
  7. They have snacks! Although we didn’t choose to enjoy any, they offer popcorn, hot dogs, and sweet treats. 
  8. This is the perfect adventure for bloggers, influencers, and creatives. I will say, my friend is a photographer and mentioned that they could do a bit better with the lighting. 
  9. In my personal (and very humble) opinion, I don’t think it’s the best experience for children. Please take this with several grains of salt, but I felt that there weren’t enough activities to engage children. There was a slide and some crafts, and performances. Additionally, toddlers as we all know, ABSOLUTELY LOVE to touch things. Some of the displays were not meant to be touched, which can be so frustrating for both parents and little ones. 
  10. There are some pretty awesome photo opportunities! We had an absolutely wonderful experience!

For me, Santa’s Fantastical was definitely worth the trip! Let me know what you think! Am I right about the experience for kids? Are you dying to check it out?


Morgan K. 

Morgan K. is the owner of Scarlett Events and the creator of the Scarlett Collection. With a passion for unique themes and attention to quality details, Morgan brings style and joy back to party planning, as the partner busy women everywhere need! The Scarlett Collection provides everything you need to become the greatest hostess your friends and family have ever seen.

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Copyright 2018 Scarlett Events. All Rights Reserved