Top 8 Tips for Hosting an Amazing Event!

When it comes to event hosting, it can be scary, exhausting and down right nerve wracking. With so many guests, proper etiquette and picking out the menu, there is a lot to think about to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. But here’s the catch, there usually are a few hiccups that occur. Not to worry! I have a few great tips when it comes to hosting an event at your home, at a large venue, or within your community as well as a few ways to save some extra money! Who doesn’t love that?

Top 8 Tips for Hosting an Amazing Event

    1. Give As Much Notice As Possible– When wanting to gather up your best friends, work colleagues or family, you need to give everyone as much notice as possible so you have a great turn out. My idea would be to send out your invite either a month or 5 weeks before you’re event begins. This gives everyone plenty of time to check their calendar and pencil your date in for a great evening! Save the dates are also a great option. 
    2. Look For Local Talent– This is a great idea when looking to build up your community excitement! Having local artists come to your event is a great resume builder for both you and them. This also helps cover travel expenses and potentially fees when talking about contracts.
    3. Create A Buzz– Make your event exciting! Entice everyone you want to come to attend with a surprise guest speaker or prizes and gift baskets! Don’t forget to send out a press release and use social media outlets to get the word out as well!
    4. Have A Theme- If you’re event hosting in the summertime, think of an outdoor BBQ or a pool party! If you’re hosting an event in the winter, think of a winter wonderland! You have so many great choices and ideas to come up with each event!
    5. Create A Menu- This is a great part about hosting, eating! Will your guests enjoy finger food? Is it more of a cocktail attire so you want the appetizers to be able to grab and enjoy while chatting with guests. Make sure the food isn’t super messy either! Simple items like cheese and crackers with fruit are great as well! Perhaps your guests would enjoy a sit down menu. Think of great wine pairings or desserts with your main entree that your guests will rave about! As always, make sure that it goes with your theme as well. Serving a sit down menu for a pool party isn’t really ideal.
    6. Decorate – This is the best part of hosting an event! The small details really give the biggest statements so make sure you find cute items to place around your home or the event space. One time I needed curtains and couldn’t find a great print I liked for the space I was hosting. A friend told me to look at SewingMachine that had a variety of various machines to create my own drapes! I already owned a great brand and was able to get the curtains hung and ready to go in no time ( including the fabric that really gave a great pop to the room! ). Sewing Machine is a family run business that even offers classes to help you with your own sewing interests. Also make sure to have small centerpieces at each table and add flowers to give the room comfort.
    7. Ask For Feedback – One of the biggests things I always say is ask for feedback after a party. What worked and what didn’t can help you decide on what to plan next. If your guests loved the sit down dinner but had a hard time navigating throughout the space, think of how to work on that for your next space. 
    8. Give yourself some critical feedback as well on what worked for you too. Make mental notes throughout the night. The more you work on event hosting, the better you’ll be suited for the next one because you know what went wrong and what didn’t. 

Have you ever hosted an event yourself? Do you know what worked and what didn’t? Do you have any other tips that would work to help and save money?


Morgan K.

Copyright 2019 Scarlett Events. All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2018 Scarlett Events. All Rights Reserved